Bringing Accountability to the Work Place


Our associates have spent the past 20 years helping global, high-performing organizations implement Commitment-Based-Management Methodology and Somatic Practices to achieve unprecedented success.


Opusdynamic consulting engagements are designed to enhance organization’s capacity to optimize their pragmatic capital– their processes, practices, IP and the mood of the organization – in order to produce greater levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction and the resultant generation of increased revenue.

Our Programs

Our Core Program is an Experiential Leadership Development Program designed for introducing the standards and developing the practices and competencies of a high performing team.


opusdynamic are usually invited to work with teams/organizations for the sake of enhancing and optimizing individual and team performance.

Engagements are designed and aligned with the clear expectation that the individuals functioning more effectively will result in the organization enjoying a significant return on their investment.

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A Different outlook

We strive to change the way people understand and interpret themselves and those around them by adopting new competencies through recurrent practices. That said, recurrence is only a part of the story. Whilst we deepen our new practices via recurrence, we build our awareness and become more competent observers by reflection. Reflection is a process of stepping back from our experiences and in a mood of inquiry, asking questions.

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Doing things differently

Our coaching facilitates the embodiment of new competencies and lasting change. If you are willing to observe, question and change your thoughts and behaviors, you’re one step closer to adopting more effective leadership and management practices. The key to success isn’t just understanding—it’s empowering yourself to move more powerfully with integrity and dignity.

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  • “Every revolutionary idea seems to evoke three stages of reaction: It’s completely impossible. It’s possible, but not worth doing. I said it was a good idea all along”

    Arthur C. Clark