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Global CBM Experts

In this rapidly changing, highly competitive world, success is often dependent upon recognizing challenges as opportunities. You can keep doing what you’re doing—focusing on just getting by, making incremental improvements through harder work and longer hours—or you can try learning something new and moving forward more effectively and competently.

At opusdynamic, our associates have spent the past 20 years helping global, high-performing organizations implement Commitment Based Management Methodology and Somatic Practices to achieve unprecedented success. Our diverse roster of clients ranges from members of the military to professional and amateur athletes to privately and publicly held corporations.

Either as part of an organizational mobilization effort or as stand-alone departmental engagements, we offer a suite of programs to train and coach organizations, teams, and leaders in Commitment Based Management. Above all, it’s our goal to help your organization stop merely aspiring to become an even more effective team and to actually start working like one.

Our Process

  • Commitment Based Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Leadership Development
  • Innovation Labs
  • Team Building & Optimization

Organizational Transformations

We assess

A diagnosis is critical in defining the path towards treatment. We will leave no rock unturned as we dive deep into the activity, processes and resource allocation of our clients’ businesses. This isn’t just a one time procedure, either. In one form or another we’re always running diagnostics to help further define the appropriate course of action.
An analytic an objetive approach can be difficult to self-apply. We provide a viewpoint rooted in experience and expertise that highlights all of the good and the bad, delivering an assessment without  prejudice.

we co-create

The analyzation process is completed, now it’s time to take action. At this point of engagement, a healthy rapport is important in order to move forward because only through collaboration with our clients is an effective plan possible.
We have implemented solutions for countless business entities and we’ve learned just as much from our clients as they’ve learned from us. We believe in creating and maintaining a good relationships because an action plan created through a collaborative process is much easier to follow than a list of directives in your inbox.

you grow

The result of our pragmatic approach is efficient capital. That certainly means an increase in revenue but more importantly it means our clients experience a sustainable growth in all areas of their business that complement each other.
A balanced growth is about strength. A rapid growth in financial capital alone isn’t sustainable. It’s like teenager’s growth spirt. Only with a healthy input of nutrients and knowledge can support a body to thrive in its environment. And while being tall has many benefits, what good is it without a strong center of balance?

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