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A bad day at the office

It was in Paul’s words, a bad day at the office. While guiding an African river safari, he was attacked by an enraged hippopotamus that pulled him from his canoe and swallowed him headfirst up to his waist. Chances are a hippopotamus hasn’t swallowed anyone in your organization. But everyone has bad days at the office and no one gets through life without confronting adversity and change.

A gifted storyteller, Paul will entertain your audience, leaving an emotional imprint that will resonate long after he leaves the stage. A living example of the power of choice, Paul inspires his audiences to overcome adversity and manage change while challenging and empowering them to create a life full of achievement, happiness and success.


This is not just an extremely entertaining and inspiring story… should you choose to use them, Bad Day at the Office: The Safari Guide’s Adversity Tool-Kit will give you the tools to:

  • Being less tolerant of their own and their team-mates non-performance and non-conformance… and acknowledging that it’s quite good fun and a lot less stressful operating this way (more accountability).
  • Coordinating more effectively:
    • Wasting less of their time waiting for stuff that should have been done by others.
    • Wasting less time by minimizing work-arounds (avoiding the folks who are incompetent and/or unpleasant) and overburdening the people who do a good job and are fun to work with.
    • Spending more time doing the things that they are supposed to be doing. Operationally they’re getting to do the job they were hired to do, the job that they’re good at and that they like doing. It’s a win-win situation – good for them and good/profitable for the organization.
    • Start and finish meetings on time and leave satisfied that the meeting had been a good/productive use of everyone’s time.
    • Working in a more trusting, less stressful environment.
  • Continuously innovating and growing the business.
  • Proactively addressing breakdowns and opportunities.

BS (Being Stressed) Is Optional

Mood is everything, it’s just not the only thing. Even the most competent and committed amongst us allow our performance to suffer when we indulge in unproductive moods and let ourselves wallow in a state of overwhelm. Be entertained and inspired as you learn to apply simple and easily applicable practices that enable you to boldly and confidently claim that BS is Optional as you move successfully, navigating adversity and change and making the most of these turbulent/challenging times.

Getting Work to Work

Doing what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it and giving people a heads up when you can’t… and playing together nicely should be organizational norms, right? Research* claims “Not so.” This entertaining, interactive and pragmatic session brings together lessons learned via battlefields, bedrooms, boardrooms and playing fields around the world and introduces participants to some of the core practices and commitments that enable High Performing Teams to out perform their competitors.


Common side Effects Attributed To Participation In This Workshop Include Heightened Awareness Of Organizational Dysfunction, Shared Commitment To Intolerance Of Poor Performance And A Renewed Commitment To Accountability And To Thoroughly Enjoying Contributing To A Winning Team.

* Gartner, McKinsey, and the American Management Association claim that the typical western worker fulfills his/her commitments (on time, on budget, as scoped) 30-60% of the time.