We Reveal Opportunities to Improve Trust, Collaboration & Profitability

Successful companies are typically oriented towards providing value to their clients, rewarding work experience for their employees and generating capital. opusdynamic consulting engagements are designed to enhance organization’s capacity to optimize their pragmatic capital – their processes, practices, IP and the mood of the organization – in order to produce greater levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction and the resultant generation of increased revenue.

Our methodology utilizes:

  • Organizational Audit
  • Process and Practice Re-Engineering
  • Psychometrics

Process & Practice Re-Engineering

Organizational Assessment


“Fundamentally, each and every organization comprises of a network of commitments. In other words, people quite simply manage their commitments to each other in order to get stuff done.”

– Paul Templer

One of the biggest process challenges faced by today’s businesses is a lack of coordination, which directly impacts efficiency and productivity. If your processes are failing to produce the desired results—in both customer satisfaction and employee morale—Commitment Based Mapping (CB Mapping) can help you identify breakdowns and opportunities and design and implement solutions.

CB Mapping utilizes proven principles to map and redesign the network of commitments—from structured projects to informal tasks—that make things happen in organizations. CB Mapping enables you to:

  • Identify waste (duplication of effort, redundant steps, outdated processes etc.)
  • Clearly identify breakdowns and opportunities
  • Ensure that processes align with strategy
  • Support management in reviewing and redesigning organizational strategies

CB Mapping will reveal opportunities to improve trust and collaboration and increase effectiveness and profitability