We Reveal Opportunities to Improve Trust, Collaboration & Profitability

Successful companies are typically oriented towards providing value to their clients, rewarding work experience for their employees and generating capital. opusdynamic consulting engagements are designed to enhance organization’s capacity to optimize their pragmatic capital – their processes, practices, IP and the mood of the organization – in order to produce greater levels of both internal and external customer satisfaction and the resultant generation of increased revenue.

Our methodology utilizes:

  • Organizational Audit
  • Process and Practice Re-Engineering
  • Psychometrics

Process & Practice Re-Engineering

Organizational Assessment


Organizational Assessments are designed to help leaders and their teams to review the coherence of their declared strategy and operational effectiveness.

We bring forth our sensibilities to conduct an assessment via:

  • A series of interviews
  • Commitment Based Process Mapping

The output is a detailed report and presentation that includes maps of existing processes as they actually are (quite often this is surprisingly inconsistent with expectations) and our assessments relating to the breakdowns and opportunities that have been revealed.