Our Program

Experiential Leadership Development Program

Our Core Program is an Experiential Leadership Development Program designed for introducing the standards and developing the practices and competencies of a high performing team.

Program Goals

Success in the Program will include participants functioning as high performing leaders and team members. Participants will demonstrate this by:

  • Developing greater awareness regarding the mood they’re operating in and evoking in others
  • The identity they’re producing, the affect that this has, the opportunities it opens and closes… and the cost (waste) therein.

The goals and net effect include increased effectiveness and efficiency attributed to:

  • Being less tolerant of non-performance and non-conformance
  • Being demonstrably committed to their own and the success of the  organization via:
    • Commitment to a new set of shared distinctions, standards and  practices
    • Ongoing embodiment of core competencies (vs. further  understanding) — namely: making/ managing commitments and becoming competent at managing their own mood and influencing others
    • Identifying opportunities for additional ROI through innovation, including connecting newfound CBM competencies to design and deliver projects
    • Commitment to a new set of distinctions, standards and  practices that provide the back-bone for high performing  leadership, management and teams
    • Adoption of signature practices that support continuous  improvement within the organization and the sustainability of  the newfound competencies